Perfume Spray Not Working? Here’s a Quick Fix!

So you’ve purchased a perfume you loved and simply can’t wait to put it on and walk into your office, class, or neighborhood coffee shop. You know heads will turn around, and people will ask you what fragrance you’re wearing. But there’s a slight hiccup; the perfume spray isn’t working! Don’t worry; you can do a few things to fix this.

If your perfume spray is not working, you should try to unclog the nozzle by placing it in hot water or pricking a hole in the clogged area to let the thicker fluid pass through. You can also replace the nozzle or use an atomizer to spray the fragrance if the bottle’s spray is irreversibly damaged.

In this article, you will learn more about the two possible reasons your perfume spray isn’t working and how to deal with them. The solutions presented here all work with almost equal effectiveness, so the one you choose depends on whatever seems more practical to you. 

How to Fix a Perfume Spray Nozzle?

When you’re trying your best to get your perfume bottle to squirt out any amount of fragrance, but all you get are some thick drops or nothing, you should assume the spray nozzle is damaged, clogged, or broken. The nozzle is usually the “button” on the perfume bottle, and fixing that can make your spray bottle functional once again.

To fix a perfume spray nozzle, you should. Microwave a cup of water for 30 seconds, and drop the spray nozzle in the cup. Take it out after three minutes and dry it with tissue paper before putting it back on your perfume bottle and give it a few pumps. This will work if the nozzle is clogged.

While this method works with most perfume nozzles, some spray heads are too thick, and the hot water doesn’t affect the more viscous liquid trapped in the nozzle. You might think that heating the water, even more, might be a good solution, but at some point, it will only damage the nozzle material. 

How to Unblock Perfume Spray

If you’re positive that your perfume spray isn’t working because it is blocked, you have to identify that specific part that is clogged. Usually, it is in the nozzle and the method covered above works, but it isn’t the only way to unclog a nozzle or perfume pipe. 

To unblock your perfume spray, you can remove the clogged nozzle and use a fine needle to prick a hole where liquid seems to have gotten collected. Placing the nozzle under hot running water after this can help rush out the liquid that’s blocking the spray pump.

Sometimes, you will find that while the hot water method or the nozzle puncture method work, it doesn’t work well enough, and you get droplets of perfume instead of fine spray. Let’s look at how to fix that.

Nozzle Squirts Out Perfume, Doesn’t Spray…

The nozzle works with two tiny pipes being at a perfect right angle to vertically draw up liquid then horizontally shoot it into a fine mist.

If these pipes aren’t at a perfect 90-degree angle (improbable) or one of them has collected dust or thick liquid, it might keep the nozzle from spraying altogether. In some instances, the pumping mechanism is compromised, and not enough pressure is built for the fragrance to be turned into a fine mist. 

If your nozzle squirts our perfume instead of spraying it, you should try an atomizer pump to add pressure to the spray pumping mechanism or replace the nozzle if the issue is in the perfume spray pump. Anything that can’t be solved by putting the nozzle in hot water warrants pump replacement.

If you haven’t been able to solve the problem thus far, you probably need to do one of the two following things –

1. Perfume Spray Nozzle Replacement

This solution is one to opt for if you either don’t have the time or energy to use all the above methods of fixing a perfume spray or have tried all of them, but nothing has worked. Simply ordering a replacement nozzle can be a quick fix. 

Before you go online and order a spray nozzle replacement like Uonlytech Spray Nozzle Replacement, you should remove the tip from one of your older perfume bottles and put it on your perfume to see if it works. Once you learn that it works, it might be tempting to simply use the nozzle you have just replaced, but that might not be a good idea.

If you’re using a spray pump from a different perfume, it might lead to scents mixing in the process, which can lead to you smelling strange and cheapening the top and middle notes of the fragrance you are wearing.

If you do not want this to happen, you should only replace the nozzle temporarily with an old perfume bottle nozzle just to test whether the replacement works. Then you have to order a brand new nozzle that has not been contaminated by other perfumes.

2. Use a Perfume Atomizer

Please note that an atomizer pump is also often called an atomizer, but we’re talking about atomizer bottles, which you can read more about in this article that we wrote earlier on the site.

Using a perfume atomizer is a great solution if your perfume nozzle won’t work but can seem almost redundant if you can simply replace your perfume nozzle with almost the same amount of time and money as it takes to get yourself a mini-atomizer bottle. 

A perfume atomizer can give you a better value for money because the nozzle replacement is only valuable as long as the perfume bottle lasts. Any new perfume you purchase will have a functional nozzle.

On the other hand, an atomizer not just helps you spray your scent but also helps you carry it in small quantities wherever you go. This means you get to use your atomizer for a long time, even when the current bottle with its faulty nozzle is irrelevant.

Skogfe Mini Atomizer Bottles are refillable and come at a reasonable price. They carry 5ml of perfume, and with four atomizers in a set, you can get a whopping 20ml of a single scent or even carry multiple fragrances with you wherever you go.

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