Is Your Perfume Too Strong? Here’s What to Do! [EASY Guide]

One of the greatest love-hate relationships is that between someone who loves a perfume but gets a migraine from wearing it. If you feel like a perfume speaks to you and for you yet is too strong, you may be worrying you’ll have to throw it away. Don’t do that.

If your perfume is too strong, you should apply it to a cotton pad and use the pad to tap it back onto your body or clothes. You can also use a perfume diluent to dilute it before wearing it or simply spray it into the air and walk through it for a lighter application.

The method you choose depends on various factors discussed in this post, including how you can tell if the perfume is too strong and the three methods of application that neutralize it.

How to Tell if a Perfume is Too Strong?

When you buy a new perfume and fall in love with it instantly, you know what only its top notes smell like. But aside from not knowing about the perfume’s heart and its bottom notes, you also don’t know how much scent it carries per pump.

One way to tell if your perfume is too strong is when you get comments from others; positive or negative. Another method would be to leave the room once you’ve applied the perfume, and check if the fragrance lingers in the room after 3-4 minutes. You can also ask a trusted friend for honest feedback.

Fortunately, figuring out how strong your perfume is, requires you to apply your perfume properly. With your previous fragrance, you might have been used to putting the perfume directly on your body or clothes.

But the proper way of spraying perfume is to treat it as if it is too strong. Only after confirming how strong it is can you get more direct with its application.

To apply perfume properly, spray it into the air in front of you and walk through it. If you can have a friend confirm if they can smell it on you, your perfume is strong enough. If you walk through a cloud of perfume and can then smell it on yourself after ten minutes, it is too strong and must be diluted before application.

In case you walk through a cloud of perfume, but no one can smell it on you, you have a quick-vaporizing light-bodied perfume that needs to be applied directly to your body and preferably on regions that don’t get too hot. Armpits and wrists are notorious for running hot due to blood circulation, and fast vaporizing perfumes can vanish off these areas instantly.

Can You Dilute Strong Perfume?

Upon discovering that your perfume is too strong, one has the logical urge to dilute it. The good news is that you can dilute a strong perfume.

However, diluting a perfume isn’t the same as diluting a soup or a stew. You must understand the nuances of perfume chemistry before trying to dilute yours. And before you learn what you can do, you should know what you shouldn’t do.

Should You Add Water to Dilute Perfume?

You should not add water to dilute perfume because water doesn’t dissolve fragrance oils. When water is added, the fragrance ends up occupying the top layer, and the water sits at the bottom. Thus, it doesn’t dilute the perfume in a consistent manner.

Consequently, you’ll get a few sprays of 90% water then go back to the same perfume getting sprayed out of the container. It doesn’t mean that you can’t add water to your perfume. Meaning, adding water won’t trigger a chemical reaction that leads to an explosion. However, it is just not the best option when it comes to diluting perfume.

Alcohol is a much better dilution agent, but since it can have its own smell, you must be careful using it to weaken your strong perfume.

How to Successfully Dilute a Strong Perfume?

So, what is the correct way to dilute a strong perfume. Let’s understand that exact process and the science related to it in this section –

Step 1 – Find a Mixing Container

The biggest mistake people make when diluting a perfume is using its own bottle. Adding water or any other diluting agent directly to the bottle only ensures uneven mixing and makes it tougher for substances to combine. Use a different container like Uervoton Spray Bottle to mix the perfume with a diluent evenly.

Step 2 – Pour the Diluent Into the Container

You need to start by pouring the diluent because if you mess up this step, you can adjust the amount of perfume you add and get the right combination anyway. But if you pour the perfume in and it is too much for the diluent to neutralize, getting it back into its bottle might be tricky, and you may have to throw it away.

It is also crucial to use the right diluent. Using plain water is not advisable because it has minerals and other relative impurities. The term relative here is used because even if water is pure enough for drinking, it might not be inert enough for the perfume.

Still, if you insist on using water, make sure it is distilled and pure. You might have to work harder at mixing because water doesn’t go well with oils and alcohol.

The best diluent for perfumes is Dipropylene Glycol, a.k.a. DPG, which is a practically odorless, colorless, and tasteless substance used by perfumers to preserve and mix different perfume oils. Unlike water, DPG is great at breaking down and mixing oils as well as preserving them, making it perfect for perfume dilution.

If you look at some of the best fragrance-grade DPG products for perfume dilution Grand Parfums DPG  or Perfume Studio DPG, you will notice that these come in relatively small containers. That’s why it is crucial to start with pouring DPG first and only adding as much perfume as is necessary to get the right end result.

It is possible that your first DPG purchase will dilute only 25% of your perfume bottle, but you may end up with 50% of its volume because of the dilution ratio, and that brings us to the third and final step.

Step 3 – Pour the Diluted Perfume Into a Spray Bottle

Once your perfume’s diluted to your satisfaction, you need to just pour it into a spray bottle. If you’re thinking about using the perfume’s original bottle, there’s no reason not to, provided that the bottle is empty. However, that’s not likely since the added DPG means you end up with more perfume.

Unless you’re willing to pour away the added DPG’s volume in the remaining perfume, you will need a different spray bottle. Anything from household spray bottles to pretty-looking travel spray bottles like Wedama’s Fine Mist Glass Spray Bottle will work for this.

How to Wear Perfume That is Too Strong?

If you find the process of diluting a strong perfume too tedious, worry not. You can use the following methods to wear perfume so that it isn’t too strong.

  • Perfume double transfer – Apply perfume to a cotton pad and then tap the cotton pad against your clothes or body. Since cotton absorbs perfume, the transfer will dilute the scent on application, though the top notes might suffer in this application.
  • Perfume minus body heat – Spray your perfume into a thick handkerchief, the knot of your necktie, or on cardboard inside a necklace. As long as the perfume doesn’t come in contact with your body, it will not vaporize and invade nostrils like it does when applied directly to your body. Please note that bottom notes will suffer in this application.

How to Spray Perfume, So It’s Not Too Strong?

To spray perfume, so it’s not too strong, you should rely on misting. Misting is a method of application where you spray the air in front of you and walk through it. Do this on a balcony or outdoors, so the scent doesn’t impregnate your room.

How to Tell Someone Their Perfume is Too Strong?

It is annoying when people wear loud perfumes; the kind that hit your nostrils really hard! More so, it is often difficult to convey this to the person wearing it as perfume is often worn with pride.

If a person’s strong perfume is affecting you, walk up to the person and explain the problem in a direct but respectful and humble way. Tell the person how their strong perfume is impacting you. Position it in a manner that the problem can only be solved if the person stops wearing a strong perfume.

It is important to remember that the person wearing the perfume may not be aware that the perfume is too strong and that it is impacting others around him or her.

Thus, it is important to tell the person that the perfume is too strong!

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