9 Best College Girl Perfumes: Smart, Fun and Budget Friendly!

College girls are always looking for that perfect fragrance. You want something that is affordable, but won’t make people sick when they’re around you.

I’ve found the best perfumes for a college girl that are both budget-friendly and fun without being tacky or overpowering. These scents are tailored to be appropriate for a girl on campus who wants to up her style quotient with a smart perfume!

Here’s a list of best perfumes for college girls –

  1. Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche
  2. DKNY Be Delicious
  3. GUCCI Guilty Absolute Pour Femme
  4. Calvin Klein Euphoria
  5. Ralph Lauren Romance
  6. Miss Dior for Women by Dior
  7. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia
  8. VERSACE Bright Crystal Absolut
  9. Chloe Love Story

Before we dive right into the details of each of the perfumes, if you are in a hurry or if you don’t want to read the entire article, check out our top picks below so that you can choose our highest-rated perfume instantly!

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall Perfume – Calvin Klein Euphoria
  2. Most Affordable Perfume – DKNY Be Delicious By Donna Karan (Green)
  3. Best Perfume for a Night Out/Date Night – Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme
  4. Best Perfume for Campus Interviews – Chloe Love Story

1. Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche is a light and refreshing scent that has top notes of lemon, cedar, and citron with middle floral tones. What is the absolute stunner is the soft white musk and vetiver smell that will evolve as the day progresses. 

Since this is a clean citrus scent, it is perfect for the summer months. 

I do recommend you let it sit on your skin and not just apply on clothes else you will only be smelling the top citrus notes and miss out on the beautiful earthy, musk notes. 

Perfumer: The nose behind this fragrance is the legendary Jacques Polge.
Top notes: Lemon, Cedar and Citron; 
Middle notes: Water Hyacinth, Pink Pepper and Jasmine; 
Base notes: Patchouli, White Musk, Vetiver, Teak Wood, Iris and Amber
Recommended Use: Daytime or Evening Wear – For Young Women!

You’ll love how fresh this perfume smells all day long! It’s perfect for any occasion from daytime to evening wear- so go ahead and try it today!

2. DKNY Be Delicious By Donna Karan (Green)

The DKNY fragrance line offers a variety of scents that are perfect for any girl on campus. It is a bright, crisp green apple fragrance. The light and fruity fragrance with notes like grapefruit, green apples, rose petals mixed in with a hint of sandalwood and amber. It will leave you feeling bold and happy! 

This perfume has been created by Maurice Roucel who is one of the most talented and award-winning perfumers in France today. In 2002, he even won the Oscar des Parfums! He uses his talent to create scents that are both feminine and sensual while still being fresh and modern. 

Perfumer: The nose behind this fragrance is Oscar of Perfumes winner, Maurice Roucel.
Top notes: Cucumber, Grapefruit and Magnolia;
Middle notes: Green Apple, Lily-of-the-Valley, Tuberose, Violet and Rose; 
Base notes: Woodsy Notes, Sandalwood and Amber.
Recommended Use: Casual Daytime and Evening

DKNY Be Delicious By Donna Karan For Women also comes as an Eau de Parfum Spray in different sizes (1.7 oz to 3.4oz) to fit your needs including a rollerball applicator option for travelling light.

So don’t wait another minute before getting this amazing product today!

3. Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Femme is the newest addition to the Gucci Guilty perfume collection. It was created by Alessandro Michele and perfumer Alberto Morillas, who wanted it to have an aura of pure free love.

It’s made for women who are looking for something that smells rich, luxurious and sexy. The notes in this perfume include blackberry, vanilla orchid, patchouli, sandalwood and musk. You’ll love it!

Personally, I like the fact that this is neither too sweet nor too woody, but well-grounded in the middle. It is a stand-out fragrance that lasts well beyond 6 to 8 hours. Since it has stronger notes I would recommend it for the early evenings and night outs.

Perfumer: The nose behind this fragrance is the notable Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillas
Top notes: Blackberry, Pink Pepper and Bergamot; 
Middle notes: Cypress, Bulgarian Rose, Woody Notes and Vetiver; 
Base notes: Indian Patchouli and Amber.
Recommended Use: Early Evenings and Club Nights

This perfume will make you feel confident and quite attractive. Wear it in the early evenings or on your night out with friends – either way, people will notice how great you smell! 

4. Calvin Klein Euphoria

This is a scent that is guaranteed to get you compliments! It not a spicy or fruity scent, but this rich scents that smell of dark orchids, lush greens that dissolve into this woody, mahogany note. It not overbearing, and you can spritz it without worrying. 

This is an intimate, warm floral scent that draws you as the woody amber notes work their magic on your skin. In fact, this perfume is the winner of award FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Women`s Luxe 2006.

Honestly, I would think it would be hard to go wrong with this one! 

Perfumers: The Euphoria range by CK has been developed by  Carlos Benaim, Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong
Top notes: Pomegranate, Persimmon, Lush Green Accord;
Middle notes: Black Orchid, Champaca Flower, Lotus Blossom;
Base notes: Cream Accord, Mahogany Wood, Liquid Amber.
Recommended Use: Daytime and Evenings All Year Round

Inspired by the black orchid this scent is classified as mythical, sexy and exotic! This feminine fragrance is a head-turner. It’s perfect for the girl who wants to smell liberated and confident.

5. Ralph Lauren Romance

Now if we’re talking about fun fragrances then I would have to recommend one from my favorite designer’s: Ralph Lauren. 

Romance by Ralph Lauren is a mix of spicy, floral and woody accords. This delectable perfume blends top notes of lush red rose, yellow freesia petals, tart citrus lemon, soothing chamomile and potent ginger effortlessly.

The middle notes are bright lotus flower, delicate white violet, exuberant carnation and breezy lily that come together in a sophisticated bouquet.

Finally, the base notes of sensual white musk combine in an opulent style with an earthy oakmoss, patchouli and exotic woods.

This perfume is decadent and meant to attract!

Perfumer: The nose behind this fragrance is the expert perfumer, Harry Fremont
Top notes: Red Rose, Yellow Freesia Petals, Citrus Lemon, Chamomile, Ginger 
Middle notes: Lotus Flowers, White Violets, Carnation, Lily
Base notes: White Musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli 
Recommended Use: Early Evening and Night Outs

The soft chamomile and ginger notes act as a refreshing mix of therapeutic wonders and are perfect to soothe the nerves.

This fragrance is can be worn during the long, busy college day as a light spritz. In the evenings you can up the intensity with a few more dabs. Very convenient!

6. Miss Dior for Women by Dior

This timeless fragrance was originally launched in 1947 by Christian Dior. However, since then it has been reformulated several times to keep with the taste of today’s young woman. This latest version came out in 2017, and is an absolute charm! 

The new Miss Dior, still pays tribute to the old formulation i.e. Miss Dior Cherie with its floral cherish, but it has certainly become brighter and bolder with vivid mandarin, pink pepper top notes.

The heart of the perfume lies in the beautiful Grasse rose and Damask rose notes with a hint of Jasmine. As the day progresses the rosewood and patchouli scents, when applied to your skin, will become more prominent and quite attractive. 

Perfumer: The nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy. 
Top notes: Pink Pepper, Blood Orange, Sweet Orange, Mandarin Orange, Calabrian Bergamot, Lemon
Middle notes: Grasse Rose, Damask Rose, Jasmine Leaf
Base notes: Patchouli, Palisander Rosewood
Recommended Use: Casual Daily Wear All Year Round 

This is my number one recommendation for casual, daily wear. 

As the perfumer Francois Demachy best describes it as “to burst like that feeling of falling head over heels. A declaration of love, to love!”. It is perfect for the girl who wants to smell like she just stepped out from an expensive spa treatment!  

This quite an addictive perfume and is a must-buy for anyone who loves florals.

7. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia is a fresh, aquatic fragrance for women. It opens with the clean scent of citrus and reveals a heart of intoxicating jasmine fragrance. The eau de parfum lingers with the warm cedarwood scent that’s perfect for any occasion.

This perfume will make you feel like you’re walking through an Italian garden on a sunny day. You’ll enjoy the freshness of citrus while being surrounded by beautiful flowers all around you. Personally, this perfume makes me feel like I am on vacation every day! 

What I love about this fragrance is that it is so fresh, aquatic…like you’ve just taken a deep breath of fresh air!

Perfumers: The noses behind this are Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. 
Top notes: Amalfi Lemon and Mint; 
Middle notes: Jasmine, Peony and Pink Pepper; 
Base notes: Virginia Cedar, French Labdanum and Brown Sugar
Recommended Use: Morning and Daytime. Very refreshing! Great to apply to start your day! 

The refreshing aquatic charm makes me feel always ready to take on the day. Though do note, since this is a subtle light floral scent it will need to be reapplied a few times during the day to keep the amazing lingering feeling.

8. VERSACE Bright Crystal Absolut

If we are talking about fun times and night outs as a young, independent woman then how can we go without talking about this provocative option by Versace.

It is part of the crowd favorite Versace Bright Crystal range, but the Absolut new addition has a definite edge!

The bright neon pink bottle says it all: it is for the bold, sensuous and fun-loving girl. 

It is a great spring-summer perfume that has long staying power i.e. almost 9 to 12 hours! Since this is a stronger scent, I would recommend spraying it on your undershirt/laces so that you have these soft wafts of scent come as you walk through the campus. 

Perfumers: The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas. 
Top notes: Pomegranate, Yuzu and Icy Accord; 
Middle notes: Peony, Raspberry, Lotus Flower, Magnolia; 
Base notes: Acajou Wood, Musk, Vegetal Amber
Recommended Use: Casual Day Time Wear, Summer Months, Spring Break Parties

The lovely aromatic citrus Yuzu and sweetness of the Raspberry stands out, making a fun floral perfume to have.

9. Chloe Love Story

This is a refined, powdery floral scent which will make you come across as a clean-cut, proper young lady. Certainly appropriate for the campus interviews and exam days when you are looking to impress your professors.

The bitter orange Neroli, the lush Madagascar Jasmines that are topped with cedar and musk come together beautifully in this perfume.Very light, elegant and truly feminine!

Perfumer: The nose behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo
Top notes: Neroli, Pear, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon
Middle notes: Orange Blossom, Stephanotis (Madagascar Jasmine), Rose, Peach, Black Currant
Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Cashmir Wood, Patchouli
Recommended Use: Everyday Wear, Clean White Floral for Daytime, Campus Interviews, Student Workshops  

The soft scent from the popular Chloe brand is a delicate floral that will make you smell like fresh jasmines without being overpowering.

Certainly a grown-up scent for the discerning young lady.

Final Thoughts:

A girl’s perfume is one of the most important aspects of her style. It can turn a plain outfit into a fabulous ensemble, and it can make you feel confident when you’re not feeling so hot

So it’s important to find the right scent that is suited to you so you can feel confident when attending any event or occasion.

I hope you enjoy trying some of the perfume options I have shared with you!

Note – Information provided in this article is largely based on personal observations. Your experience may vary as perfumes interact differently for each person as per their body chemistry. This article also contains affiliate links, and the site owner may get a small commission (without any impact on your purchase cost) if you buy the product by clicking on the link.

Credit to Tim Gouw for the featured image of this article.

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