Is Apple Watch Waterproof? [Every Model Reviewed!]

Apple Watches open up a world of opportunities ranging from being better connected with real-time notifications to having your heart health and sleep soundness tracked. Among their most beneficial features is the ability to track calorie burn and activity levels. That makes fans of swimming wonder if their favorite activity can harm their beloved smartwatch.

Apple Watch is waterproof, with Series 3 and above being water-resistant enough for regular swimming, bathing, and showers. Apple Watch Series 2 and below have different degrees of water resistance and should not be worn when swimming. You can wash your hands while wearing an Apple Watch.

In this article, you will learn more about the levels of water resistance of each Apple Watch alongside the precautions you must take with each model. More importantly, you’ll learn which water-related activities are okay with which Apple Watch.

Our verdict for Apple Watch Series 1 through 7 & SE are included as well.

But first, let’s look at the different models’ water resistance at a glance:

Apple WatchWater-ResistantWaterproofSwimming AllowedShower AllowedBathing Allowed
Series 1Yes – Splashes onlyNoNoNoNo
Series 2YesYes – Up to 1 meter for less than half an hourNoYesNo
Series 3 YesYesYesYesNo
Series 4YesYesYesYesYes – Water should not be hot
Series 5 YesYesYesYesYes 
Series 6YesYesYesYesYes
Series 7YesYesYesYesYes
SEYesYes YesYesYes – Water should not be hot

Is Apple Watch Series 1 Waterproof?

Apple Watch Series 1 is not waterproof, though it is splash resistant. That means your smartwatch will not get damaged if it gets exposed to water when doing the dishes or washing your hands, but an activity like swimming will damage the watch. Apple Watch Series 1 should not be submerged in water.

Apple Watch Series 1 and its previous iteration, the original Apple Watch, are the most vulnerable models of the smartphone giant’s smartwatch line. If you own one of these models, you must make it a habit to remove your watch when you get into even shallow water. This will help you avoid accidentally taking the watch deeper into the water.

Technically, you can take this version of the Apple Watch into water that is 1-meter deep. That’s half the average male height. So you can get away with accidentally wearing the watch when you get into a bath.

But remember that this water resistance lasts up to 30 minutes, and good baths last twice as long. Moreover, the water resistance is dependent on the watch exterior and Apple Watch Series 1 and prior feature casing that can be damaged more easily.

Our Apple Watch Series 1 verdict is that it is waterproof to a very limited extent, and you’ll be better off operating as if your watch cannot resist water if you own this model.

That way, if your smartwatch gets splashed or soaked, you’ll have a higher chance of avoiding water damage.

Is Apple Watch Series 2 Waterproof?

Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof to an extent. Baths and other activities that submerge the watch in shallow water for a limited time do not damage Apple Watch Series 2. But going deeper into the water while wearing this smartwatch is not recommended.

Apple watches series 2 is waterproof in a more technical sense than a practical one. From 20-minute showers to room-temperature baths, you can engage in some daily activities that involve water, but you have to be on edge the whole time.

If you own Apple Watch Series 2, you should know that it has similar water resistance to series 1, except it has a better casing which reduces the chances of a dent or a chink negatively affecting its water resistance.

Our Apple Watch Series 2 verdict is that it should be taken into the water quite cautiously and must be kept away from hot water. You do not need to take it off when you shower or take a quick bath, but you should not submerge the watch in water for over 30 minutes or take it any deeper than 1 meter in water.

Do not swim in Apple Watch Series 2.

Is Apple Watch Series 3 Waterproof? 

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

Apple Watch Series 3 is waterproof up to 50 meters underwater. Given that the average swimming pool is under 3 meters, one can safely swim while wearing an Apple Watch Series 3 model without worrying about water seeping into the watch.

When considering Apple Watches chronologically, Series 3 is the first Apple Watch that can be considered truly waterproof. It has sufficient water resistance for care-free practical use. However, that should not mean you can be careless with it just because you’re not taking it deeper than 50 meters in water.

There are two main risks of wearing the Apple Watch Series 3 in water. The first is that the water temperature can damage the watch, and the second is that if the water lock is not automatically engaged, the water can trigger touchscreen activity and result in accidental commands.

Our verdict on Apple Watch Series 3 is that you can use it in water with relatively little care as long as the watch hasn’t repeatedly fallen or taken damage to its casing. You must be mindful of the water temperature and, ideally, get out of the water in one hour.

Is Apple Watch Series 4 Waterproof? 

Apple Watch Series 4 is just as waterproof as Series 3, with a 50-meter safety threshold. Since the industry standard scuba diving depth is 39 meters, this watch can be worn while swimming in a standard pool without incurring water damage.

While the Apple Watch Series 4 came with significant upgrades in most areas compared to its predecessor, it doesn’t have noticeable upgrades in its water resistance compared to Series 3. That means that the same precautions apply: you should be sure the water lock is turned on when you get into the water, and you must keep it away from hot water.

Our verdict on Apple Watch Series 4 is that it can be worn while performing almost any daily task that involves water. Keeping the Apple Watch on for longer than an hour underwater is not recommended, even though there is no explicit time limit on how long this watch can survive underwater that is up to 50 meters deep. Most baths and swimming pools are a fraction of this depth.

Is Apple Watch Series 5 Waterproof?

Apple Watch Series 5 is waterproof for depths of 0.03 miles below the water surface. This is deeper than most swimming pools, which makes it okay to swim, bath, and shower with this smartwatch on. Going deeper than 0.03 miles underwater can still affect your Apple Watch.

The switch from aluminum to titanium in certain Series 5 models adds to the watch’s durability, which reflects in its water resistance. While Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 both start off with the same level of water resistance, the latter retains its water resistance longer because its casing is less likely to get a chink.

Apple Watch Series 4, on the other hand, can take damage more easily and lose its water resistance as a result.

Our verdict on Apple Watch Series 5 is that you can afford to use it in water with little to no care. It is as waterproof as an Apple Watch gets for now, and as long as the water isn’t boiling hot, even the water temperature isn’t much of a threat. 

This is mainly because the temperature at which the water starts damaging Apple Watch Series 5 is much higher than the temperature at which we are comfortable. In other words, if you’re safe in a body of water, your watch is safe in it.

Is Apple Watch Series 6 Waterproof? 

Apple Watch Series 6 is waterproof as long as you do not take it any deeper than 50 meters, which is 16 pools deep. Because of this waterproof rating, the Apple Watch Series 6 models can be worn while engaging in average scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming experiences.

Chronologically, this is where Apple hits the point of diminishing returns when it comes to making their smartwatches waterproof. Making an Apple Watch more water-resistant costs more but matters less.

As a result, this model is just as durable and waterproof as the Apple Watch Series 5. Consequently, the same best practices and precautions apply.

Our Verdict on Apple Watch Series 6 is that it is just as good at resisting water damage as its predecessor. You can wear it in a bath, shower, or swimming pool without worrying about water seeping into it.

But if you got the watch second-hand, you should first check if its casing is damaged.

Is Apple Watch Series 7 Waterproof? 

Apple Watch Series 7 is as waterproof as an Apple Watch gets, with a 50-meter depth threshold. You can wear your Apple Watch Series 7 model in the shower, bath, and swimming pool without worrying about water damage or a foggy screen.

This Apple Watch is so thoroughly waterproof that instead of listing activities one can do while wearing it, it is more practical to mention what you cannot do with this smartwatch on your wrist.

Mainly, you cannot dive deeper into bodies of water that have a depth of more than 50 meters, and you cannot take it into the hot tub. Other than that, anything you do that involves water will not damage this watch.

Our verdict on Apple Watch Series 7 is that it is the most durable and waterproof option on the market. In our experience, its automatic water lock feature turns on quicker than other models, and it is overall the best option if you’re interested in using the Apple Watch for fitness tracking while swimming.

Is Apple Watch SE Waterproof? 

Apple Watch SE is just as waterproof as any modern Apple Watch model. It can be submerged into water up to 50 meters before it incurs water damage. For all practical purposes, this watch does not take damage from water, and it is safe to wear it while swimming.

This model is lighter than other Apple Watches, which makes one skeptical of its water resistance. But having tested this underwater, we did not find any issues with the model.

It is waterproof, but its casing is made of recycled aluminum which might get damaged with prolonged exposure. You should check for dents and chinks before taking this watch into the water.

Our verdict on Apple Watch SE is that you should not take it into the water if you’ve been using it for over 2 years, which we predict is the time it takes for this model to incur significant casing damage.

New Apple Watches are impressively waterproof, and SE is no exception. And there are also no exceptions to the precautions you must take: be mindful of the water temperature and avoid submerging the watch in water for over an hour.

Can You Shower With Your Apple Watch? 

You can shower with your Apple Watch unless it is Apple Watch Series 1, which can incur water damage if the shower has high water pressure. All other Apple Watch models can resist water splashing and remain functional even when fully submerged in water.

When taking a shower, the water’s fluidity isn’t as much of a risk as its temperature. Unlike baths, we can take showers at much higher temperatures, mainly because we’re not in constant contact with the water. This high temperature can affect the Apple Watch’s casing, so you should avoid wearing the Apple Watch when taking a steaming hot shower.

Can You Use the Apple Watch for Swimming? 

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

You can use Apple Watch for swimming as long as it is a recent model. Models prior to Apple Watch Series 3 are not as reliably waterproof as Apple Watch Series 3 onwards, which can be used for swimming and even snorkeling and scuba diving up to 50 meters below sea level.

Before you wear an Apple Watch for Swimming, you should check for the following:

  1. Has the Apple Watch been used for over 2 years? Generally, 2 years of use entails significant casing wear and tear, which can be problematic when taking the watch for a swim. 
  2. Is the screen cracked? An Apple Watch with a cracked screen is not waterproof.
  3. Has the Apple Watch fallen or taken a hit? If the smartwatch has been subjected to impact, you should assume it is not waterproof until someone at the Genius Bar assures you of the item’s water resistance.

How Long Can You Wear an Apple Watch in Water?

You can wear Apple Watch Series 2 and below for up to 30 minutes in water that is no deeper than one meter. The rest of the Apple Watch models can be taken up to 50 meters below water for hours. The only risk that comes with prolonged exposure is the water temperature melting the casing.

The water exposure duration best practices of different Apple Watch Series are as follows:

  1. The original Apple Watch – Remove from water immediately. Wipe away any water that gets splashed onto the smartwatch. 
  2. Apple Watch Series 1 – Remove from water if accidentally exposed. Avoid intentionally exposing the watch to water.
  3. Apple Watch Series 2 – Remove from shallow water within 30 minutes of exposure.
  4. Apple Watch Series 3 onwards – Do not prolong water exposure beyond 2 hours. 
  5. Apple Watch SE – Remove from hot water immediately. Remove all other water bodies within 2 hours.

How to Enable and Disable Water Lock on the Apple Watch? 

To enable water lock on the Apple Watch, you need to start swimming while wearing your Apple Watch. This results in the water lock getting engaged automatically. To enable it manually, you should swipe up and tap the water drop icon in the control center.

To Disable the Water lock on the Apple Watch, you should quickly turn the digital crown, which results in the watch’s screen touch functions being restored. Do not disable the Water Lock feature while the watch is wet, as wiping the watch will lead to accidental taps.

How to Protect Your Apple Watch from Water?

To protect your Apple Watch from Water, you must take it off before getting into a hot bath or taking a hot shower. More than the water’s fluidity, it is the temperature that poses a risk to your Apple Watch. In almost all other instances, you don’t need to protect the watch.

What to Do When Your Apple Watch Accidentally Gets Wet?

When your Apple watch accidentally gets wet, you should turn on its water lock and thoroughly wipe it dry. This prevents accidental taps and stops water from interfering with the touch screen’s functionality. Aside from this, the water does not really pose a threat to the Apple Watch.

That said, you may want to make sure that your watch is properly dry before you start using it again. Make sure that the humidity is removed from the edges or the corners of the watch.

Your watch may turn off if it has been exposed to excessive water. If your watch turned off when it got wet, make sure you dry the watch before you power it on. Let it sit for 24 to 48 hours before you turn it on,

Furthermore, before you start charging your watch, make sure it is completely dry.

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