What is Hair Perfume? [Should You Even Buy It!]

I know what you may be thinking when you hear the term hair perfume! You’re probably thinking that hair perfume is just a perfume that is now being marketed and promoted as a product for your hair, right? Wrong!

Hair perfume or hair mist is a fragranced product specially designed for use on hair and scalp. Unlike regular perfume, hair perfume doesn’t dry your hair and scalp. Rather many hair perfumes contain ingredients that nourish, condition, bring shine to your hair, and mask the bad odor from the scalp.

Hair perfumes are often used to add a light fragrance to dry or oily hair. In this article, we’ll discuss what hair perfume is, whether it is good or bad for your hair, and how to use it correctly on your hair. That and much more!

So, let’s get started!

What is the Difference between Perfume and Hair Perfume?

You may have noticed that many people are using fragrances on their hair these days. But, before you start using your expensive perfume on your hair, you need to know the difference between perfume and hair perfume!

The key difference between perfume and hair perfume is the percentage of ethyl alcohol to water in the product. As a general rule, hair perfumes will only contain traces of alcohol so as to not dry out hair and scalp on application. 

Hair perfumes are not the same as regular perfumes. Since these are largely water-based mists, hair perfumes are quite lightweight and do not weigh hair down like regular perfume or hair oil. Those who have brittle or thinning hair can apply this as it is less likely to cause any allergies or irritate the scalp or roots. 

You should take care to select the right hair perfume. Certain hair perfumes have ingredients that can act as UV filters or sun masks for the hair. Some hair perfumes can also act as moisturizers and can even be applied at the night for conditioning. In fact, you might be also giving yourself softer locks by morning 🙂

How to Use Hair Perfume on Your Hair?

There are many ways to use hair perfume depending on what type of hair you have, how much time you want to spend styling your hair in the morning, and what kind of look you’re going for.

There are also pro tips and best-avoid advice associated with using this product. We’ll explore those below!

Step 1: Wash your hair with an unscented shampoo

It is important to use hair perfumes on clean hair. Greasy scalps will not be able to retain the fragrance. Ideally, the shampoo used to clean the scalp should be unscented. If you have a scented product then ensure you do not opt for a shampoo with a very strong smell since it can overwhelm the light, subtle fragrance of the hair perfume. 

Step 2: Condition hair with an unscented product

Make sure that whichever conditioner or hair mask you are using is either very lightly scented or unscented. If you have chosen a lightly scented conditioner then take something that is in the same fragrance family of your hair perfume. Clashing fragrances can interfere with your hair perfume.

Step 3: Dry your hair thoroughly

Your hair, if it needs a blow-dry or any styling such as curls or hair straightening, then please do that before applying hair perfume. The reason being that ethyl alcohol is flammable and you do not want to blow hot air on this hair product. Although the chances of it catching fire are minimal, I would advise you not to take any chances!

Step 4: Spray hair perfume on your or hair brush

Once the hair is clean and dry, spritz the hair from a 6-inch distance on the hair, root, and scalp. Since it is a light product you are unlikely to overdo it. Another quick tip would be to spray it on your hairbrush and comb through. Hair will smell nice and will not get sticky as it does with oil or hair gels.

Pro-tip: Buy unscented ‘baby’ shampoo and conditioners if you are not sure about the ingredients and how your hair perfume will interact with your shampoo. 

Best-avoid: Immediately styling and blow-drying hair that has been spritzed with hair perfume 

Is Hair Perfume Bad for Your Hair?

So, when using products on the hair and scalp, we all know that we must be very careful about the ingredients and how they react to our specific body chemistry.

In general, hair perfume will not damage your hair when applied in moderation and in the right manner. Hair perfumes are largely water-based with a tinge of ethyl alcohol which prevents it from drying the scalp, unlike regular alcohol-based perfumes that are formulated for the skin.

In fact, hair perfumes have been around for a while and only add to your perfect grooming routine. 

What Are The Key Benefits of Hair Perfume?

I used to think it was a needless beauty product, and my regular perfume was enough to get me through the day. However, was I wrong! I live in the city – smoke and all – and we have lots of street vendors, so you have whiffs of food smells as you walk down the street. All this accumulates and sits pretty tightly on hair! 

When you are using hair perfume, you are not only presenting a confident look but actually do smell like someone who appreciates the time and effort needed for grooming.

Here are a few key benefits of using hair perfume:

  1. Hair perfume have oils to nourish hair with a gentle fragrance
  2. May have UV filter and add shine to hair
  3. Can help mask cigarette smells, cooking smells, post work-out sweat smell and polluted city air
  4. Helps to get the chlorine smell out after a swim
  5. Great for extended day and night use as hair sprays last longer in the sun than regular perfume

Can You Use Hair Perfume on Your Body?

So you might have figured that spraying regular perfume on your hair will dry them out and make hair brittle.  However, can you do the reverse? Can you spray some hair perfume on your body without hurting your skin?

You can use hair perfumes on the body without hurting your skin, but the fragrance may not last as long on the skin as it does when it binds with the hair. 

Hair perfumes are largely water-based mists and essentially provide an alternative way of wearing a fragrance without having to apply it directly onto the skin.

In addition to serving as a scalp-nourishing product, hair perfume is also perfectly suited for those who have sensitive skin or tend to have skin allergies due to the usage of perfume.

3 Best Hair Perfume Options

Now that you have understood what is hair perfume or hair mist, here are 3 options that you can consider when purchasing a hair mist!

1. Best Branded Hair Perfume – Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

You can always expect a high-quality product from Chanel when it comes to perfumes. It is the same case even with hair perfumes!

Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle hair mist is a great branded hair perfume. It gives a nice and fresh floral-fruity scent of orange and rose. It is a great all-season perfume. It is definitely worth the brand name. It does last quite some time on your hair (about 3 to 4 hours).

A great brand perfume to relish especially for special occasions.

Price Range – $$$$
Alternative optionMiss Dior Hair Mist by Christian Dior

2. Best Branded Hair Perfume on a Budget – Jo Malone Hair Mist

If you are looking for a nice branded hair perfume but don’t really have the budget to spend on the big price tag products, then I would recommend considering Jo Malone’s hair mist options.

This wild bluebell version of Jo Malone’s hair mist opens up with a nice fresh floral scent. It contains lilly of the valley as the key ingredient. It doesn’t seem to have a strong sillage, but lasts decently long on your hair. This perfume is perfectly suited for summer months but may not perform well during winter.

All in all, a great branded fragrance on a budget!

Price Range – $$
Alternative OptionsGucci Bloom Hair Mist

3. Best Beginner Hair Perfume – Herbivore Hair Mist

If you are just beginning your hair perfume journey and just want to try out a hair mist, then this perfume from Herbivore is perfect for you!

It has got a great lavendar fragrance that will keep you feeling fresh and floral! Surprisingly, it has got quite a good scent! The best part is you actually get a full size 8 oz bottle of this hair mist (unlike the other perfumes on this list), and it doesn’t cost you nearly as much as the other fragrances!

This herbivore hair mist doesn’t last all that long, but you can spray it multiple times since you get a decent quantity!

Price Range – $
Alternative OptionsOther Herbivore Hair Mists

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