Should You Wear Perfume to School? Is it Age Appropriate?

It is quite normal to have the desire to wear high quality fragranced products such as perfume even when you are at school! It could be either to impress your friend, or even to just smell nice to gain some confidence! More so, if you are a parent, you may be wondering whether wearing a perfume to school is okay, and if it is age appropriate!

Generally speaking, you can wear perfume to school if your school does not have a perfume policy that prohibits students from wearing fragrances. When wearing perfume to school, make sure that the scent is not too strong. Do not use your perfume as a replacement for shower and personal hygiene.

In this article, you will learn more about why perfumes are usually discouraged in class, what kind of perfumes you should opt for as a school-goer, and which notes to consider for class. Finally, you will discover my top three recommendations for school perfumes, so you have reliable choices when you go perfume shopping.

Perfume at School: The Nuances

Wearing perfume on-campus might be prohibited by certain schools, but even when it isn’t forbidden, wearing one without complete knowledge can be a bad idea.

That’s not because perfumes are taboo or age-inappropriate but because most school-aged kids don’t understand perfume etiquette and might end up overusing perfume or picking ones that are too strong for their peers. 

Hence it is advisable to avoid wearing perfume unless you find the perfect understated kind, and you understand the etiquette associated with it. There’s a section dedicated to such perfumes towards the end of this post.

The reason wearing understated fragrances is emphasized is that school children spend most of their time indoors.

Wearing strong perfume in enclosed spaces is inconsiderate. Since classes can consist of over thirty pupils, it is statistically likely that at least one in each batch might be sensitive to olfactory stimulation. Synthetic fragrances are among the key culprits in overpowering sensitive nostrils.

That’s why school-goers are encouraged to opt for natural fragrances over lab-made ones.

However, some confuse natural fragrance with fragrance oil. While perfume oils can be all-natural, they are too concentrated and are supposed to be diluted in a diluent like Grand Parfum DPG [on Amazon] before application. 

Buying a pre-diluted all-natural perfume is a better option that saves time and money because you’re not diluting the product or purchasing a concentrated version.

In talking about the types of perfumes to opt for, Colognes must take priority over perfumes because they’re naturally better diluted. A perfume contains about 20% to 30% perfume oil, whereas a cologne features only 2 to 3% oil. 

If you purchase a perfume as a school goer or for a school-goer, you must keep in mind that it cannot be taken to school. Having a perfume at hand is the easiest path to misusing the perfume and over spraying it at any given opportunity.

When you get a cologne, you can bring it with you to school because applying it after a shower in the locker room is acceptable after a physical activity session. But regardless of whether you apply cologne at home or at school, make sure you don’t treat it as a replacement for a shower.

Notes to Avoid for School-Goers

There’s a reason why schools have uniforms: to promote a lack of comparison among impressionable children and teens.

Therefore, any sense of personal fashion is left at the door so kids do not get bullied or discriminated against based on their dressing choices or the type of clothing they can afford. The same principle also extends to perfumes, albeit to a less noticeable extent.

You should avoid expensive perfumes and fragrances that even smell expensive as signaling wealth is against school culture. On top of that, you must avoid fragrances marketed as sexy and notes that are alleged to have an aphrodisiac effect. Some of these notes that you should avoid include cinnamon, bergamot, chocolate, and jasmine.

Notes to Consider for School-Aged Boys

Because the perfume industry markets a lot of products based on sex-positive advertising, too many perfumes feature aphrodisiac notes, which might be seen as age-inappropriate.

School-aged boys should opt for perfumes that have unisex appeal as they are less likely to be crafted with sexual attraction in mind. Notes that neutralize body odor without being distracting include lemon, leather, and coffee.

Notes to Consider for School-Aged Girls

If you think getting a non-seductive perfume for boys is difficult, wait till you try to buy a relatively neutral female perfume that doesn’t feature seductive notes. 

For girls, the only notes that do not have such connotations are citrus notes like tangerine and lemon. Because this selection is quite limited, it is advisable for girls to pick a subtle men’s perfume, as it is unlikely to have the same effect as ones designed to charm men.

Perfume Alternatives for Students Prohibited From Wearing Perfume

While wearing a unisex perfume or ones where problematic notes are minimal and the recommended notes are prominent can help avoid unnecessary discipline-related drama in most schools, some schools flat out prohibit students from wearing perfume. However, these schools cannot enforce similar policies regarding fragrant personal care products.

Applying a fragrant lotion, like Island Soap & Candle Works Lotion [on Amazon] can help you smell nice without getting in trouble at a school where wearing perfume is not allowed. Alternatively, you can carry a scented handkerchief in your bag or pocket. 

Because the scent isn’t on your body, it won’t vaporize as much and will go unnoticed. Finally, you have the option to use fragrant shampoo or a moisturizer like this TAMANOHADA 002 Musk Shampoo [on Amazon] and L’Oreal Paris Face Moisturizer [on Amazon], respectively.

Again, as long as you’re not wearing perfume yourself and the fragrant products you use don’t overpower your peers’ nostrils, you’ll be fine.

Top Three Perfume Recommendations for School Students

With alternatives covered for students going to schools with a no-perfume policy, we can now look at perfumes for students who are allowed to wear perfume but don’t want to push their luck.

The following products are subtle and understated, but if you wish to avoid attention, you can dilute these further in a perfume diluent.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

This masculine-leaning unisex scent creates a heavenly olfactory ambiance as opposed to projecting personal desirability. In other words, it seems like the space around you smells nice. Consequently, the luxurious leather scent hides well while simultaneously evoking a positive mood. 

As a luxury perfume, this product might miss the mark when it comes to commonness. Generally, school perfumes aren’t supposed to indicate wealth or status, but since this one doesn’t draw too much attention, this drawback can be overlooked in favor of this fragrance’s longevity. 

If you wear this perfume a few hours before you go to school, its area of influence will be further minimized, making it more palatable for a broader set of people.

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Scent-Organix I AM BRIGHT

This fragrance leans towards the feminine yet retains a gender-neutral finish. It features citrus notes quite heavily, which you now know are appropriate for both school boys and girls, given that they aren’t overused.

With pineapple and salted coconut among the top notes and Tiare flower at its heart, this perfume has a tropical aura. 

Once again, this fragrance improves the ambiance instead of drawing attention to the individual, which means you get to smell nice without feeling like a stick of deodorant.

Overall, the perfume is quite affordable for a student and can surely give you a good bang for the buck!

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Chopin Op.28

If you want strictly gender-neutral perfume for school, then there is no fragrance better than Chopin Op.28, which perfectly walks the tightrope between the darker masculine notes and top-heavy feminine ones. 

It’s a fruity scent with a woodsy finish and heavy hints of marine notes. Like other options in this post, Chopin Op.28 is an ambiance-improving fragrance and brings little attention to you.

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