Does Apple Watch Charger Work on iPhone? [Simple Guide!]

Apple has designed its products so that you can use one device with all other Apple devices. This is a convenient feature, especially for consumers with multiple Apple gadgets. So, if one device acts for all, what about the accessories that come with it? For instance, what about the charger? Does the Apple Watch Charger Work with iPhone?

You cannot use the Apple Watch magnetic charger to charge your iPhone because the charging technology for your Apple Watch is different from your iPhone. You can, however, use your 5W USB power adapter that comes with your Apple Watch to charge your iPhone. The adapter is compatible with a lightning to USB cable, which you use to charge your iPhone.

You need to know if you’re comparing apples to apples. The best way to do that is to know what type of charger you use for your Apple Watch and iPhone. And what about universal chargers: can you buy one and use it to charge everything? Stick around as we unbox these questions (and more).

What Type of Charger Does Your Apple Watch Use?

Earlier models of the Apple Watch come with a power adapter and a magnetic charging cable. Newer models only come with the magnetic charging cable, but it might differ depending on the product model. For example, the Apple Watch 7 series come with a USB type C charger while older Apple Watch models have type A.

The Apple Watch charging technology combines induction with magnetic charging.

How does this work?

You first connect the cable to the adapter and put it in the socket. The cable’s concave end attaches and aligns itself to the bottom of your Apple Watch, and charging begins.

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Have you ever wondered why your Apple Watch does not have a USB charging port?

Well, now you know why.

It is because the charging technology of the Apple Watch does not require the device to have one. This charging method ensures your Apple Watch is safe and secure until charging is complete.

What Type of Charger Does Your iPhone Use?

Traditional iPhones come with a lightning-to USB cable and an adapter. Newer models of the iPhone, like the iPhone 12 and 13, come with a USB-C to lightning cable without the adapter.

If you hadn’t heard: Apple recently stopped shipping their iPhones with an adapter to reduce environmental waste.

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Charging your iPhone is pretty straightforward. You first connect the cable to the adapter and then plug the charger into an outlet. The other end of the cord should go into iPhone’s charging port and Bob’s, your uncle. After that, your iPhone will start charging.

Can You Use Your Apple Watch Charger to Charge Your iPhone?

iPhone ModelIdeal Power AdapterIdeal Charging CableDoes Apple Watch Charger Work?
iPhone SE (3rd gen.)20W adapter or higherUSB-C to Lightning CableYes
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 mini
20W adapter or higherUSB‑C to Lightning CableYes
iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini20W adapter or higherUSB‑C to Lightning CableYes
iPhone SE (2nd gen.)18W adapter or higherUSB-C to Lightning CableYes
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
18W adapter or higherUSB-C to Lightning CableYes
iPhone 1120W adapter or higherUSB-C to Lightning CableYes
iPhone XS iPhone XS Max18W adapter or higherLightning to USB CableYes
iPhone XR20W adapter or higherUSB-C to Lightning CableYes
iPhone XUSB Power AdapterLightning to USB CableYes

From the information above, you can see that using your Apple Watch charger to charge your iPhone is possible.


The adapter that comes with your Apple Watch is compatible with the lightning to USB cable that comes with most iPhones. So, connecting the two will enable you to charge your iPhone.

Remember, the Apple Watch comes with a magnetic USB-C cable, and you cannot use this cable to charge your iPhone. However, because the adapter and cable are detachable, you can connect your iPhone’s cord to the Apple Watch adapter, and you’re good to go.

Note that the USB-C cable is designed for fast charging, and it is best you use it with a 20W USB-C power adapter. Different Apple products come with other accessories. Even though the company stopped providing power adapters, the multiple Apple product owner is in a position to work out a charging method for their devices.

Whether you have compatible cables and power adapters depends on your variety of Apple products. For example, older models of the Apple Watch come with a Type A power adapter which is compatible with the USB to lightning cable for older iPhones. So, charging your devices is not difficult, nor do you have to spend an extra penny buying a new power adapter.

Can You Charge Your Apple Watch and iPhone with the Same Charger?

Apple Smartwatch Wirelessly Charging

Have you ever heard of a universal charger?

Universal chargers are more of an Android thing, but a universal charger can charge any Android battery regardless of the phone model. Apple devices do not have a universal charger yet, but they have a dual charger.

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With a dual charger, you can charge multiple Apple devices simultaneously, including your Apple Watch and iPhone. Besides saving time, the best thing about dual chargers is that they come with a designated charging pad for your Apple Watch.

Here is a list of some of the most popular dual chargers you can use for your Apple devices:

1. MagSafe Duo Charger

MagSafe is a technical term used by Apple to describe its charging cable connectors. Besides the Apple Watch, Apple also provided MagSafe charging cables for the Mac laptop. As the name suggests, a MagSafe duo charger provides a safe and simple way to charge your Apple devices.

Although the device is small, it can charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously. The MagSafe duo charger is a flat charging dock that can charge your devices wirelessly using a USB-C to lightning cable when placed side-by-side.

Note that your Apple Watch will be inactive when using the MagSafe duo charger until you disconnect it from the charger. This is because it will automatically go into nightstand mode.

2. Belkin Powerhouse Charge Dock

The Belkin powerhouse charge dock has a compact design and comes with a two-in-one docking station.

This charger has a dedicated port for charging your iPhone and a magnetic charging port for your smartwatch. It also has a heavy and durable weighted bottom making it compatible with your iPad as well.

3. JoyGeek Wireless Charging Station

This JoyGeek is a 3-in-1 charging station with one charging point dedicated to your Apple Watch. You can use the other two charging points to charge your iPhone and any other Apple device wirelessly.

It can charge your iPhone 20% faster than the traditional charger because the JoyGeek has a 7.5W voltage. Furthermore, you can still charge your iPhone using a cable.

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