Perfume vs Body Spray: What’s the Difference?

I always thought that perfume and a body spray were pretty much the same thing! But recently, I was told that there is a difference. So, I did some research to find out the exact difference between perfume and body spray.

Body spray or body mist is a highly diluted form of perfume. It usually contains about 0.5% to 1% fragrance oil and 90% to 95% alcohol or water. Whereas, a perfume usually contains between 3% to 30% of fragrance oil and about 60% to 85% alcohol.

Interesting isn’t it? But, there is a lot more that I uncovered. Let me share the details below.

Difference between Perfume and Body Spray

It is quite easy to get confused with the various terminologies that are used within the fragrance industry! Thus, not knowing the difference between perfume and body spray is quite common.

Body spray or body mist are usually highly diluted. They contain really small amounts of fragrance oils. This is the key reason why they are also comparatively a lot cheaper!

In addition to the difference in the cost and the quantities of fragrances in it, body sprays are usually used as a quick solution on the go. Body spray also usually doesn’t last that long. So, you may have to carry it with you and use it a few times during the day.

But, using a body spray multiple times a day is not really a worry since the cost is much lower than a perfume. It is in fact designed to be carried along and used on the go.

Perfume, on the other hand, is luxury. Depending on the type of perfume, the brand and a few other factors, the cost usually ranges from about $80 to $300.

Perfumes are generally supposed to be stored and nurtured. They are not designed to be carried as it can ruin the fragrance. Furthermore, perfumes don’t need to be worn again and again through the day as it tends to last longer.

Which is Better: Perfume or Body Spray?

Once you have understood the difference, the next thing that you will want to know is which one is better – perfume or body spray?

Perfume is better than body spray as it lasts longer, contains a higher concentration of fragrance oil, and projects better on the skin. Perfume can be worn throughout the day but is also usually more expensive.

That said, at the end of the day, it really is a personal choice.

If you are looking to buy a fragrance on a budget, you can choose to go with a body spray. While a body spray gives a good splash of fragrance, it won’t really last that long. You will have to use it a few times during the day. This also means you will have to carry your body spray along with you and you are bound to finish the bottle sooner.

On the flip side, the cheaper cost of a body spray allows you to purchase multiple different fragrances and have a variety.

Which Lasts Longer: Perfume or Body Spray?

If you are looking for a longer lastingness of a fragrance, and you are trying to decide between a perfume or a body spray, here’s what you should be aware of –

Perfume lasts longer than body spray. On average, perfume lasts between 2 hours to 24 hours. Body spray has a shorter lastingness. Usually, a body spray will last from 30 minutes to about 4 hours.

Thus, body spray is best suited when used in short bursts. As mentioned before, you will have to carry your body spray and wear it perhaps multiple times during the day.

Perfume on the other hand will mostly last throughout the day. Therefore, there is no need to carry your perfume.

That said, perfume is also usually far more expensive than a body spray.

When to Use Body Spray and When to Use Perfume?

People often confuse between using body spray and perfume since both are fragrances. Hopefully, by now you may have understood the difference between body spray and perfume.

So, how to decide when to use body spray and when to use perfume.

You can use perfumes throughout the day basis the notes present in the perfume. For instance, floral or citrus scents should be used during the day while woody, musk, or other heavier scents should be used during the evening. Bodysprays are usually very weak and can be used for a short duration.

Perfumes have a heavier base of fragrance oils that interact with your body chemistry through the day creating a very unique scent.

When you are looking for durability and longevity, perfumes are your best bet. Perfume is great for special occasions and when you need to make a good impression.

On the contrary, if you are just running an errand and want to smell nice, use a body spray instead of a perfume. They are inexpensive, and will only last for a short duration.

Understanding How to Use Body Spray and Perfume

Another stark distinction is the manner in which perfume is used as compared to a body spray.

It is recommended to apply perfume mostly on the pulse points i.e. your inner wrists, inner part of your elbow, neck, behind your ear lobes, or inner part of your knees.

Another thing to remember is DO NOT rub the perfume once it is applied to the skin as the fragrance molecules in the perfume can get easily damaged.

I wrote a detailed article on how to use perfume and should it be used on skin or clothes. I have also shared a few ninja tips that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. So, make sure that you check it out!

In order to use body spray, you can simply spray it all over your body. There are no such stipulations applicable when using a body spray.

One thing that you may need to remember that perfumes can leave a stain on your clothes if not applied appropriately. However, you will usually not face any such issues when using a body spray as the amount of fragrance oil in such scents is highly diluted.

Is Body Spray the Same as Deodorant?

Body spray and deodorant are not the same things.

Body spray, or body mist, is usually alcohol or water-based perfume. It is designed to make you smell nice. Whereas, a deodorant is usually aerosol-based or a roll-on. The main goal of a deodorant is to help you prevent bad odor, especially from perspiration.

A body spray or a body mist is inferior to perfumes. It has the least amount of fragrance oil as compared to perfume. That said, it is a relatively inexpensive option when you want to smell nice for a short time on the go.

Body spray = used to make you smell nice!
Deodorant = used so that you don’t smell bad

A deodorant, on the other hand, is designed to make you not smell bad! It has a weak fragrance which helps you to smell fresh and clean. Certain forms of deodorants also contain aluminum chlorohydrate and other aluminum-based mixtures that prevent your body from perspiration. These are known as antiperspirants.

A common misconception is that deodorants and antiperspirants are the same things. While in reality, there is a small difference. Basically, all antiperspirants are deodorants but not all deodorants are antiperspirants.

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