Does Apple Watch Have a SIM Card? [Here’s What to Know!]

There are different variations of the Apple Watch, and I’m not just talking about watches from different series. Some apple watches have cellular capabilities that allow you to operate the smartwatch without having your phone nearby. The question here is, where do you put your SIM card? Is there even a SIM card slot?

The cellular version of any Apple Watch does not use a traditional SIM card and therefore does not need or have a SIM card slot. Instead, the Apple Watch uses a digital SIM card known as an “Esim” (embedded Sim card.), which cannot be removed. The digital SIM card is paired with your iPhone.

I wish things were as simple as that. Still, regarding the SIM card slot of an Apple Watch, there is so much we can discuss. So, if you are on the fence about whether you should get a cellular-capable Apple Watch, I recommend reading through this article, and we should be able to help you.

Do You Need a SIM for an Apple Watch?

You never need a SIM card for the Apple Watch. Remember, the watch does not have a SIM card slot, so you would have no way to put the sim card in the watch in the first place.

The watch has everything it needs to be built into it and to use the cellular option of the Apple Watch, you need to pair the watch with your iPhone. Once you have done that, you can use the Apple Watch as a standalone device.

The digital SIM card in the Apple Watch can be linked to an unlinked so that you can change carriers or if you decide to sell the watch.

Can You Use Your Own Sim Card In An Apple Watch?

Closeup of smartwatch on a wrist

You cannot use your own SIM card in an Apple Watch. If you were able to, things could be confusing. So, to avoid that, apple uses its own digital SIM card. How the digital SIM card works is quite simple.

Right, the only thing you have to do is pair the watch with your phone, and if you are interested in doing that, I have a step-by-step tutorial below.

How To Setup An Apple Watch Digital Sim Card: 6 Easy Steps

I have met many people who have run through the regular setup of pairing the Apple Watch to their iPhone but still cannot use cellular. In most cases, you would need to set this up separately if you did not explicitly activate it while setting up the watch. Here are my six easy steps to setting up cellular on your Apple Watch:

  1. Ensure that you unlock the Apple Watch and it stays unlocked through the process.
  2. Unlock your iPhone.
  3. Find your “My Watch” app and open it.
  4. Select the “Set Up Cellular” option.
  5. Your cellular provider will give you instructions from this point.
  6. If you run into issues while following the instructions from your provider, give them a call.

Most of the setup revolves around your cell phone carrier, but I have found that they all have a similar process that is simple to follow.

How To Unlink An Apple Watch Digital Sim Card: 6 Easy Steps

Unlinking your cellular plan from your Apple Watch is relatively straightforward, and you don’t have to rely so much on your carrier unless you need to cancel the plan. With that said, here’s how to remove your cellular plan from your Apple Watch in XX easy steps:

  1. Unlock your Apple Watch (Optional, but I prefer it.)
  2. Unlock your iPhone.
  3. Open your “My Watch” app.
  4. In the app, select the “Cellular” option. A new window will open.
  5. Look for an option called “Carrier” and select the information button. A small pop-up window will appear.
  6. Select the “Remove Carrier” option.

Once you have removed the carrier, you can link the Apple Watch to a new iPhone carrier plan or set up a new watch for your iPhone.

Do You Need A Sim Card For An Apple Watch If You Do Not Have An iPhone?

You can technically use an Apple Watch without an iPhone. In most cases, you will only be able to use the base features and not the cellular features. However, if you still want your Apple Watch to use cellular features, you would need to connect it to an iPhone. That iPhone does not have to be yours.

Instead, you will be able to connect it via something called the apple family plan. You can learn more about connecting an Apple Watch to an iPhone via the family plan here.

Does Apple Watch Cellular Work on Any Network?

Most carriers worldwide support the cellular functionality of an Apple Watch. However, it’s not so straightforward. You cannot just use any carrier for your watch and a different one for your phone.

Instead, you have to be using the same carrier to pair your watch to your iPhone. Also, it has to be the same plan. You can’t have a different plan for one and the other.

Does Apple Watch Cellular Work Abroad?

Typically, once you have paired your Apple Watch with your Apple phone and the cellular is working, you don’t have to keep your phone close. You can go out and leave your iPhone at home. However, when traveling abroad, things become a little bit tricky and confusing.

While traveling abroad, you must keep your phone and your Apple Watch close to each other. Once you take your watch away from your phone, you will lose cellular signal because the watch will rely on the roaming capabilities of your SIM card plan.

Remember, you might pay extra for roaming capabilities. So, before you use your phone while abroad, check with your carrier. You want to know what you are paying and how much you are paying.

Does Apple Watch Cellular Work With Android?

One of the greatest things about Android is how universal it is. You can connect almost any smartwatch to any Android device, and it will work seamlessly. However, Apple products are a little bit more isolated, and they like to keep things within their ecosystem. So what does that mean?

If you are an Android user with an Apple Watch, you can use both together, but they will work separately. With that said, if your Apple Watch has cellular functionality, you will not be able to pair that feature to your Android device.

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