Can You Wear Apple Watch in a Shower? [Here’s What to Know!]

The Apple Watch is a perfect health and productivity companion. It is designed to have minimal interference, which allows you to forget that you’re wearing a smart gadget. And while that helps you get 24/7 data on your pulse, calorie expenditure, etc., it also makes the watch easy to accidentally take into the shower.

You can wear Apple Watch in a shower, though as long as the watch belongs to Series 3 or higher, you don’t have to worry about taking long showers with the smartwatch on. But if it belongs to Apple Series 2 or lower, you should remove it before showering.

In this article, you will learn more about whether you can take specific Apple Watch models into a shower and what best practices and precautions apply. We will also discuss the water lock feature, how you can engage it, and what it entails. But first, let’s go over whether apple watches are waterproof.

Are Apple Watches Waterproof?

Apple Watches are waterproof, at least since 2017. The ones made before 2017 (Series 2 and lower) were water-resistant with specific limitations. For instance, Apple Watch 2 can’t be taken into water deeper than 1 meter or longer than 30 minutes. Apple Watch Series 3 onward are more practically waterproof.

Each Apple Watch Series has limits to its water resistance and specific conditions one must watch out for. I have dedicated an entire post to exploring how waterproof each model is, whether one can swim while wearing specific Apple Watches, and version-specific verdicts regarding each smartwatch.

Is It Okay to Wear an Apple Watch in a Shower?

It is okay to wear an Apple Watch in a shower as long as the shower is not too hot, and the Apple Watch belongs to a recent series. Apple Watches up to Series 2 have limited water resistance and can incur water damage if worn in a shower for over 30 minutes.

Different Apple Watches have different tiers of water resistance, with the earliest models being the most vulnerable and the latest ones being the least vulnerable. If you got your Apple Watch directly from Apple after 2017, your smartwatch is as waterproof as it gets. 

Because Apple discontinued Series 2 and below, after introducing a new line of its smartwatches, any new Apple Watch you get has updated water resistance. But if you got your Apple Watch through a third party, then it might not be a truly waterproof model.

In that case, you must be mindful of the Apple Watch’s waterproofing tiers.

  1. Apple Watch original, Series 1, and Series 2 – These can theoretically resist water under 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes but must be kept out of water. Their water-resistance rating simply safeguards them from accidental splashed.
  2. Apple Watch SE and Series 3 to Series 5 – These Apple Watches are water-resistant for depths of up to 50 meters, but their casing is not as strong as newer models, which means they can get chinks and cracks that can reduce their water resistance.
  3. Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 – These watches are just as water-resistant as the previous tier but also come with higher-durability options, which have lower chances of getting cracks and chinks.

The following table covers all apple watch models in the context of shower use.

Apple WatchShower UseKey Precaution
The Original Apple Watchnot allowedremove before showering
Apple Watch Series 1not allowedremove before taking a shower.
Apple Watch Series 2 Allowed for up to 30 minutesDry immediately upon water exposure.
Apple Watch Series 3AllowedTurn on the water lock
Apple Watch Series 4AllowedEngage water lock
Apple Watch Series 5AllowedCheck water temprature. Avoid hot water.
Apple Watch Series 6AllowedCheck for cracks before showering
Apple Watch Series 7AllowedCheck water temperature and casing condition.

Can You Wear Apple Watch 7 in a Shower?

You can wear Apple Watch 7 in a shower without worrying about the duration. This smartwatch has a water resistance contingent on the depth of water and not the exposure time, which means it has infinite splash resistance and can be kept on in the shower no matter how long you stay in the shower.

You should follow the best practices listed below for wearing an Apple Watch 7 in a shower.

Engage the Water Lock 

Because Series 7 watches are better connected with your smartphone, accidental taps can trigger a much wider range of functions. The Apple Watch water lock ensures that the water droplets moving across the screen do not get registered as accidental taps. 

Do Not Keep the Watch in Hot Water 

It is possible to take hotter showers than baths. Because of that, the water temperature in your shower might be too high for the smartwatch. Avoid putting your Series 7 smartwatch into constant contact with hot water.

Know When to Get Out 

While there is no hard limit on how long you can shower while wearing Apple Watch Series 7, you should not keep it in contact with water for over 2 hours. You should also generally avoid taking showers that are 2 hours long.

Can You Wear Apple Watch 6 in a Shower?

You can wear Apple Watch 6 in a shower because it is one of the most water-resistant watches manufactured by Apple. You must be careful not to prolong its exposure to hot water, though, as the temperature can affect its performance. Aside from that, the water poses no threat to this make of the Apple Watch.

The best practices that apply to showering with Apple Watch 6 are listed below:

  1. Note the exterior material – Apple Watch Series 6 comes in titanium and aluminum options. Knowing which metal makes up the majority of your watch’s exterior helps you understand how careful you need to be with it in water.
  2. Check for exterior damage – If the smartwatch has cracks, assume it is not waterproof. Apple Watches are durable and water-resistant, but before you take one into the water for the first time, you should at least check if it has any damage.
  3. Avoid hot water – Make sure the shower is not too hot before you jump into it with the Apple Watch on. And if it is quite hot, do not keep your wrist in constant contact with water for over 30 minutes. 

Can You Shower With Apple Watch 5?

You can shower with Apple Watch 5, though you need to be cautious of the water temperature and the watch condition. If the watch has been subjected to impact (has fallen or is cracked), then it should not be worn in the shower until a professional at the Genius Bar says it can be.

Since Apple Watch 5 belongs to the second tier of water resistance, you must be mindful of the following:

  1. Check for chinks and dents – Apple Watch Series 5 models are as water-resistant as an Apple Watch gets. However, it is not as durable as an Apple Watch gets, so you must carefully inspect the watch before taking it into water.
  2. Engage water lock – Apple Watch 5 has an automatic water lock that prevents accidental taps. But in case it doesn’t automatically turn on, you should swipe up the screen and turn it on manually.
  3. Check the water temperature – Apple Watch 5 should not get to a temperature of over 95° F, which is possible with a very hot shower that lasts very long. So, you should either reduce the shower temperature or your duration in the shower if you want to wear this watch in the shower.

Can You Shower With An Apple Watch Series 1?

You cannot wear Apple Watch Series 1 in the shower as the constant splashing can damage it. You can wash your hands while wearing it, though. While the smartwatch is splash-resistant, it is not practical to keep it on in the shower because it can incur water damage within 30 minutes.

If your Apple Watch Series 1 has been exposed to water, here are the actions you need to take:

  1. If worn in the shower accidentally – Remove the watch and wipe it with a towel. If more than 30 minutes have passed while wearing the watch in the shower, you should turn it off and keep it in rice overnight.
  2. If worn while washing hands – Dry the smartwatch, and it will be fine.
  3. If worn accidentally in a bath – Turn off the watch, wipe it dry, and keep it submerged in rice overnight.

Can You Wear Apple Watch SE in a Shower?

You can wear Apple Watch SE in a shower but must not take it into a hot shower. The water temperature can affect the watch’s performance and even damage the wiring close to its exterior. Contact with fluids and submerging in water doesn’t pose a risk to the Apple Watch SE.

The best practices for wearing an Apple Watch SE in a shower are as follows:

  1. Check the water temperature – Do not shower in water that is over 95° F in temperature if you plan to take your Apple Watch into the shower. Prolonged exposure to high-temperature can affect the watch’s functionality.
  2. Look for possible breaches – Apple Watch SE might have cracks and chinks, which can reduce or remove the smartwatch’s water resistance. If your Apple Watch SE has signs of dents or scratches, you should not wear it in a shower.
  3. Activate the water lock feature – Finally, your Apple Watch can register water droplets as taps if its water lock is not activated. While the lock turns on automatically, you should check if it has been turned on and activate it manually if the watch fails to auto-lock upon contact with water. 

How to Activate Water Lock Feature on Apple Watch Before Showering?

To activate the water lock feature on Apple Watch before showering, you can simply splash a jet of water onto the smartwatch. If the smartwatch belongs to Series 2 or above, the water lock will be engaged automatically. To manually turn it on, you must swipe up and tap the water drop icon.

The water lock doesn’t affect the physical water resistance of your watch. If your Apple Watch is waterproof, it will remain waterproof regardless of whether the water lock has been engaged.

Similarly, if it is cracked and not as water-resistant, the water lock feature will not make it any more resilient in water. The feature does protect your watch’s speakers, though.

But the main function of the Apple Smart Watch Water Lock is to turn off the watch’s touchscreen, so it doesn’t get accidentally tapped. Water can sometimes seem similar to most touch-sensitive devices.

If your smartwatch is turned off, it is not at risk of registering accidental taps, which means it does not need a water lock. How direly the water lock feature is needed depends on how much your watch can do. If it is cellular and has the ability to call without the iPhone, then you need the water lock.

If it depends on the iPhone for all external communications and isn’t connected to it when you get in the shower, accidental taps will not have any serious consequences. Still, checking your smartwatch’s water lock status is a good habit.

How to Clean Your Apple Watch After a Shower?

To clean your Apple Watch after a shower, you should use a hand towel to wipe it while the water lock is still engaged. You should also remove the watch and wipe its base and the interior of its wrist strap to ensure that the watch is thoroughly dry.

You might be wondering whether cleaning the smartwatch after a shower is even necessary. Because the Apple Watch features metal quite prominently, you should dry it after it gets wet, even if it is water-resistant.

This can prevent staining and keep the casing from getting damaged. The smartwatch’s touchscreen can also have trouble registering precise taps if there are water droplets on it.

When there’s a lot of water, the smartwatch will keep resorting to automatically engaging the water lock feature. That’s why you should dry the smartwatch as soon as you finish showering or swimming.

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