What is a Solid Perfume & How to Use It? [Complete Guide!]

So, you like the whiff of a great scent when you wear it, and it boosts your confidence right away. Smelling great is a choice, and you’ve been making the right one. But it is time to switch things up. Instead of going for yet another bottle, why not try a solid?

Solid perfume is a blend of fragrance oils, essential oils, or aromatic liquids solidified in molten wax. When the liquid wax, in which the oils are mixed, is cooled to a solid, the perfume becomes a solid. It is used to moisturize one’s skin and add a pleasant scent to one’s body.

In this article, you will learn more about solid perfumes, including the best method of applying one, the various advantages of having solid fragrances, and whether they are better than sprays. You’ll also find out our top recommendations for a solid perfume to call your own.

How to Apply Solid Perfumes?

Applying solid perfumes might be confusing if you’ve not handled a solid fragrance block personally. But now that you know that these perfumes are essentially a combination of wax and fragrance oils, you’d know that the “solid” is contingent on temperature.

To apply solid perfumes, you must rub your thumb against your fingertip to heat it a little, then press the fingertip against the solid perfume block. Once the wax has melted and transferred to your finger, you can dab it on your wrist, neck, or elbow pit.

All of these steps have a rationale. Rubbing your thumb against your finger warms it up with friction. This heat might not be intense enough for you to detect but makes enough of a difference that it melts more wax than if you were to hold a finger straight to the wax block.

The choice of regions to apply the fragrance too is also crucial since the solid perfume is alcohol-free for the most part. In the absence of such vaporizing agents, you must make sure the perfume is applied to a region that rubs against air and allows the air to carry the scent; otherwise, no one would even notice that you’re wearing a perfume, to begin with.

That said, there are no rules to wearing a solid perfume, and you can carve a chunk of it and wear it in a locket if you want. But if you do that, it will not vaporize since it will not have any exposure to body heat.

What is Solid Perfume Made of?

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Solid perfume is made of wax and perfume oils. Single fragrance oil or a blend of multiple oils is shortened in molten wax until it solidifies into a block. This “solid” melts at body temperature and is, therefore, best for storing at room temperature.

But wax might not be the only shortening medium. Depending on how you define solid perfume, a fragrance and cream mixture that results in a fragrant cream with the consistency of a cold cream might also be called “solid perfume.”

Does Solid Perfume Contain Alcohol?

While non-traditional application alternatives like roll-ons and mini sprays can contain alcohol, this is one perfume media that is the least likely to contain alcohol because the inclusion of something with such a drastically different melting point would be counterintuitive to the goals of a perfume.

Solid perfume does not contain alcohol because it would require an extremely cold environment to solidify alcohol. In contrast, wax becomes solid at room temperature, and this is also true for wax that’s blended with a small amount of perfume oil.

One might worry about the lack of vaporization of a solid fragrance because it is missing alcohol. However, manufacturers take this into account and design concentrated perfumes that do not need more than air and heat to spread a pleasant scent around the person wearing them.

Is Solid Perfume Safe to Use?

Wearing a wax-shortened perfume can also have an anti-respiratory effect since wax can block pores that secrete sweat. With this in mind, you might wonder if doing so is safe.

Solid perfume is safer to use than a standard perfume, given that you’re not allergic to the perfumes’ contents. A standard fragrance features alcohol that is comparatively more harmful to your skin.

On the other hand, wax can block sweat glands, but this is temporary and doesn’t have any proven harmful effects. This application is also more hydrating and preserves your skin health better than exposing your skin to alcohol on a daily basis.

Advantages of Using Solid Perfumes

In case you are still wondering why would anyone use a solid perfume, let me share with you some advantages –

1. Easy to apply

Even though you’ll have to learn a different method of application, using a solid perfume is easier than spray perfume. This ease can be discerned in the number of steps. You don’t have to open a bottle or even pick up a container.

Simply touch the perfume block and tap the area where you want to apply the perfume.

2. Easy to store

If you have children or pets, then having a perfume bottle might be risky. You might need a wood roll-on bottle to safely store liquid perfume. Solid perfume doesn’t come in a glass container, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over and shattering.

For parents with toddlers and little child-proofing, this reason alone makes solid perfumes worth the money.

3. Lasts long

Aside from being easy to store, these perfumes are also long-lasting. Because there are fewer to no vaporizing agents like water and alcohol in the perfume, a solid perfume lasts much longer than bottled fragrances.

If you do not want the embarrassment of pulling out perfume to “freshen up” in a crowded place, a long-lasting solid perfume is your friend. Moreover, even if you have to freshen up with a new application, a solid perfume chunk might be more discrete.

4. No waste

Since we write about perfumes, we know that thousands of people are interested in reusing perfume bottles. We have even written an article about this (if you’re interested, check out how to recycle perfume bottles and how to refill perfume bottles to reuse)

But even when you get more perfume to add to your previous container, it comes in a container of its own. You always end up with a container that will run out of fragrance.

Needless to say, it goes to waste. A solid perfume has zero waste as the entire chunk will get used up. There is no need for bottles of fancy canisters since the perfume remains solid until it comes in contact with skin.

5. Great Value for money

When a perfume doesn’t come in an expensive package, you don’t pay for the package. This makes solid perfumes some of the most dollar-friendly fragrances in any market. When purchasing a standard perfume, you pay for a glass bottle.

In contrast, getting a solid perfume means you’re paying for a small cardboard box or packaging paper.

Is Solid Perfume Better Than Spray Perfume?

Now that you know the key advantages of having and using a solid perfume, you might want to see how the perfume itself fares against spray perfume. We’d say it is a matter of taste, and a case can be made for solid as well as the spray perfume.

Solid perfume is better than spray perfume for those who don’t want to deal with buying and keeping glass bottles in their homes. It is also great for people who like longer-lasting, more discreet perfumes.

However, it isn’t ideal if you like a very specific mainstream fragrance as most perfumes are packaged and marketed in spray form. Spray perfumes also have the advantage of vaporizing well, which means your fragrance can be detected at a distance.

Ultimately, solid perfume is for those who don’t want to wear strong traditional fragrances and want to maintain their skin health while getting the most for their money. A spray scent is for everyone else.

Top 3 Solid Perfume Recommendations

1. Aromi Delicious Solid Perfume

Delicious, as the name suggests, this fragrance is best for those looking to moisturize their skin while radiating a fragrant vibe. The perfume features a floral blend, including peony, lily of the valley, and orange blossom.

The solid perfume line by Aromi also extends to 11 other options, making it a great gateway perfume for those unfamiliar with solid fragrances. Each of the Aromi fragrances is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

2. Garden Botanika Heart Solid Perfume Stick

Moving from the floral to the greens, this perfume stick is best for those who want a pocket-friendly yet luxe option for their olfactory wardrobe. It has hints of white florals with a lush green body.

With well over 200 reviews, this product has a collective rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Its travel-friendliness is rated at 4.6 and its scent at 4.4 stars.

3. Diptyque Do Son Solid Perfume

A creation of perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, this perfume is one of the most full-bodied fragrances in solid form. It opens with Iris, African orange flower, and tuberose notes venturing into a heart of musk and benzoin.

A great option for the sophisticated woman. It is appreciated by verified customers for being easy to carry and being a nice last-minute gift.

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