Why Does the Apple Watch Keep Ringing? [Here’s the Fix!]

Wearing an Apple Watch can make your life easier in many ways allowing you to access a world of information and communication on your wrist. However, these smartwatches sometimes experience glitches which can become inconvenient. The device which was supposed to add ease to our lives becomes an annoying problem we struggle to fix.

One problem that quite a few Apple Watch users have been reporting is that the Watch keeps ringing after a call has been accepted or declined. This problem can be not just annoying but embarrassing within business settings.

The most common reason why an Apple Watch may keep ringing even after the phone has been answered is a bug in the system. A system update of the Apple Watch and the iPhone should fix this issue. Other reasons include watch pairing issues, using non-Apple-based Bluetooth headphones, or mirroring issues.

Having experienced this issue in the past and done extensive outreach to understand how to fix this issue, I’ve captured some of the key reasons I encountered along the way and methods to solve the issue of “Apple Watch” ringing!

So, let’s get started!

Why Does Apple Watch Keep Ringing After Answering the Phone?

There are several reasons why your apple watch may keep ringing after a call has been accepted. If you have this problem, it may be a result of the below:

1. Connectivity Between the iPhone and Apple Watch has been Disrupted.

One reason for this problem occurring could be that the signaling between your devices has been disrupted. This would affect the communication and mirroring between the iPhone and watch and could result in delayed messaging and updates to the watch not being delivered. You need to make sure that the two devices are successfully paired and syncing correctly.

2. System Software on Your Apple Watch is Out of Date

Apple releases system updates for your Apple Devices to improve functionality and solve glitches. If you have not updated your watch and phone to the latest software versions, you should do so. You may find that the latest system update resolves the issue.

3. Apple Watch is Not Set to Mirror Your iPhone

If your Apple Watch has not been correctly set to mirror your iPhone in its settings, this may result in the functionality and actions of the two devices becoming unsynchronised. Once this is corrected you may find that the Apple Watch begins to function properly.

4. Bug in the System

Another reason why this may happen is when there is a bug in the operating system of either the watch or the phone for sending signals to the watch. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do in such a situation! You’ll have to rely on a system update from Apple.

This kinda circles back to the “software system out of date” issue that we highlighted before but it is slightly different from that issue even though the potential way to fix this problem is the same i.e. updating the software system.

5. Bluetooth Headphones Connected to the iPhone

Sometimes, if you are using Bluetooth headphones for receiving the call, you may encounter this issue especially when your headphones are not part of the Apple ecosystem.

If your Bluetooth earphones are connected to the Apple Watch directly, you are less likely to face this issue. But, when the earphones are connected to the phone, sometimes an issue can arise in the signal relay between devices.

That said, if you are using Apple’s Airpods (links to Amazon), it doesn’t really matter whether you connect your Bluetooth headphones to the phone or the watch! It just seamlessly integrates into the complete system!

How to Fix the “Apple Watch Keeps Ringing” Error?

Read below for a breakdown of some easy, quick fixes for the issues we have detailed above. If your Apple Watch is continuing to ring after calls are picked up, chances are it will be solved with one of these solutions.

1. Fix the Connectivity Between Your Apple Watch and iPhone

To fix the signal between your watch and phone, you should try restarting your devices together. To restart your Watch, follow these steps:

  • Press down and hold the side button on your watch until the Power Off Slider shows.
  • Slide the Power Off Slider to power down.
  • Once the watch has switched off, press down and hold the side button again until the Apple Logo Appears.
  • You cannot restart your watch while it is charging.

This simple restart may re-establish the signal between your Watch and iPhone and solve the ringing problem.

2. Update the Software on Your Apple Watch.

Making sure that you have the latest software system update on your watch might be enough to solve this problem. The newest update could have an easy fix if there is a system glitch.

  • Ensure that your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the Settings App on your Watch
  • Select General
  • Select Software Update.
  • If a new software update is available, follow the instructions to complete the process.

Whenever you see an alert appear on your iPhone saying “Your Apple Watch Software Is Out of Date” you should update to the newest version of WatchOs.

3. Update the Software on Your Apple Watch Using Your iPhone.

You may find that it is more convenient to update your Watch using your phone. Simply follow these steps:

  • Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.
  • Select the My Watch tab.
  • Select General
  • Select Software Update
  • Download the latest available update.
  • The progress wheel will appear on your watch face. You should wait for the process to complete.

After completing a system update you should check to see if the problem has disappeared.

4. Unpair and Pair Your Apple Watch and iPhone.

You may be able to re-establish successful syncing between your devices, by unpairing your watch and phone and then pairing them again. This will hopefully get rid of any disruptive issues you are experiencing in the current pairing.

  • Place your iPhone and Apple Watch next to each other.
  • Select the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.
  • Choose the My Watch Tab.
  • Select All Watches.
  • Choose the Info button next to your watch name.
  • Select unpair Apple Watch.
  • As you plan to repair these devices you should select to keep your Mobile Data Plan.
  • Tap Confirm.
  • Once your watch and phone have unpaired, you will see the Start Pairing option.
  • Select Start Pairing to repair the devices again.

When you unpair your watch, your iPhone will save backup data from your watch. Most of your settings and data can be restored after repairing (but this won’t include passcodes or Apple Pay cards.)

5. Mirror Your Apple Watch to Your iPhone.

Your Apple Watch may not be set to mirror your iPhone. This will certainly cause problems as your watch will not be set to reflect the status of your main device.

Fixing this is a straightforward process that may solve the problem entirely.

  • Open the Watch App on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to select Calls and Messages.
  • Select Mirror My iPhone.
  • Have a friend call your iPhone to check if the problem is solved.

6. Mute Your Apple Watch

If none of the above fixes solve the issue you might want to mute your Apple Watch for a while until the issue is repaired.

The process of Muting Your Apple Watch is a simple one.

  • Press the bottom of the watch face and hold.
  • The Control Center should appear. Swipe up.
  • Tap on the button for Silent Mode. You are set!

You will still be able to receive haptic notifications on your phone.

7. Turn off the Apple Watch

You may decide you need to temporarily switch your Apple Watch off, so you don’t have to worry about this issue at work.

  • Hold down the side button on the side of the watch.
  • When the Power Down Slider Appears, drag the slider across.
  • The Watch will power down.

8. Do a Forced System Restart on Your Apple Watch

You can also try a force restart on your Apple Watch, although this should always be a last resort. Remember you can always consult an expert before resorting to this method, as you will lose all your recorded data on the device.

  • Hold down the Side Button and the Crown button for about 10 seconds.
  • When the Apple Logo appears on the screen you should release both buttons.
  • Your watch will begin to restart to factory settings.

9. Consult an Expert

If you try all the solutions above and find that there is no improvement, then you should contact an Apple expert. There may be a fault with your watch that you won’t be able to repair yourself.

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